Additional professional services

Project management: We have the knowledge and experience in project management that will ensure profitable operations and release of resources for our customers.

Altrad Services’ expertise and experience in operation and maintenance makes us ideally placed to assist our customers with their projects through the provision of experienced project managers. We focus on the delivery between project and operations, providing specialist resources to manage/assist particularly in the design, FAT and commissioning processes of our customers’ projects. Altrad Services also provides resources to follow-up during warranty periods and manage supplier complaints.

Audits and Operations Due Diligence: MainTech (Altrad Services’ subsidiary) has developed its own tool: “MainTech Rating”, which we use to measure the total condition of the maintenance process for our clients. We interview both management and operators and present a spider chart with characters within focused areas. We also deliver a schedule for improvements actions.

Focus areas: Management / Strategies and KPI’s / Scorecard / Preventive Maintenance Program / Scheduling / Execution / Improvement processes / Spare parts / Etc.

MainTech also provides specialists to assist its clients in performing operations due diligence (ODD) where we set the condition for a plant or production system.

Coaching: MainTech has understood that it's all about people. We leverage our extensive experience in the fields of maintenance, materials technology and inspection to provide coaching to leaders and teams in a wide range of industries and organisations, to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

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