Rope Access Techniques

Altrad Services considers itself among the best contractors within rope access techniques (RAT) in the Oil & Gas industry. Today we represent one of the largest pools of rope access technicians in this industry worldwide. To further increase efficiency and the range of work disciplines that can be executed based on rope access techniques, we have developed a wide-range of new and innovative work methods and purpose-built equipment.

Rope Access techniques are now widely recognised as a safe, efficient and cost-effective supplement or alternative to traditional methods of access (such as scaffolding). RAT is particularly suitable in exposed areas and areas with concurrent activities. Our own health & safety performance shows that the work we perform using rope access techniques has a much superior safety track-record than the work we perform using traditional access techniques.
Our methods and solutions combined with rope access techniques enable us to perform a wide range of work tasks in difficult-to-access areas of our customers’ Oil & Gas facilities, such as:
  • Surface preparation and treatment
  • Insulation and PFP application
  • NDT inspection
  • Surveys and certifications (DROPS, Lifting Equipment, Drill Strings, Class Surveys, etc.)
  • Maintenance, repair, modification, replacement and decommissioning of a variety of (flare tips, risers, caissons, clamps, jacket substructures/supports, etc.)

We can perform our work under the auspices of a framework RAT contract that enables us to supply a dedicated team/(s) to perform routine maintenance, repair, inspection and other support services (including small project support) on one or a group of offshore Oil & Gas assets. We also mobilise our specialised personnel individually or in teams to perform more specific, non-routine tasks and projects, including major modifications, asset revampings, etc. We have successfully completed major projects using RAT recently in areas of the globe as far apart as Australia, the Gulf of Mexico, Africa, Middle East, South America, and Norway.

Our rope access personnel are certified by IRATA and SOFT. We have our own dedicated training facilities for both IRATA and SOFT in Norway and Africa, providing the technicians in the Group and external clients with updated competences and certifications.
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