Lifting & rigging

In areas with crane restrictions or limited crane coverage, our lifting solutions, methods and tailor-made equipment have contributed to Altrad Services’ excellent track record in the Oil & Gas industry for the provision of advanced lifting and rigging operations.

We have undertaken a wide range of lifting and rigging operations in support of the repair, maintenance, modification, replacement or decommissioning of key assets in the Oil & Gas industry, such as structural work, HVAC units, heat exchangers, gear boxes, flare tips, flare stack spool parts, generators, piping, pipe supports, deck sections, life boats, etc.
We can undertake lifting and rigging operations in support of a variety of projects on onshore installations such as refineries, gas plants, etc., as well as on offshore facilities, either topside or in the splash zone.

Our lifting equipment consists of light-weight modular parts, which in combination with winches and other rigging components, makes a standalone and self-supported installation. We undertake our projects often in combination with rope access techniques to ensure we can access challenging locations and we use cross hauling and guide wire operations for handling of objects topside or to/from a vessel. Our special lifting appliances are engineered, fabricated and tested by our engineering department, according to client and authority complexity.

Member of LIFTMORE – an offshore lifting and handling cluster
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