Splash zone inspection

The impact from strains and corrosion on offshore structures is normally most severe in the boundary between water and air: the “Splash Zone”. Cleaning of marine growth and inspection of platform sub structures are crucial to determine its structural integrity.

Altrad Services has developed remotely operated equipment to perform cleaning and inspection efficiently and safely in the Splash Zone (the area from sea’s high-water level to approximately 75 feet below). The work tools perform various cleaning and inspection operations using state-of-the-art inspection technology; such as close visual inspection, thickness measurement (corrosion), crack detection (ACFM), flooded member detection, etc.

Configurable access and work tools are remotely operated from a control unit located on the platform deck and the complete operation is monitored through cameras mounted on the Splash Zone tool.

These innovative inspection solutions have a number of benefits when compared to traditional inspection means using ROVs in the Splash Zone:
  • Rough sea conditions around platform structures often make inspection using ROVs and divers too risky to perform safely
  • By attaching a deployment tool fixed to the platform sub structure, we eliminate the traditional dynamic movement imposed by waves and currents to divers and ROV’s
  • The deployment solution ensures a good and stable working condition for the inspection tool.
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