Piping & mechanical works

Altrad Services’ piping and mechanical expertise contributes to building new installations or to performing maintenance works. Depending on our client’s needs, our scope will be either limited to a particular technique / perimeter, or multidisciplinary oriented, encompassing larger contractual responsibilities.

Altrad Services constructs complete piping systems throughout the world, using all sorts of materials (such as steel, stainless steel and plastic), for all sizes and dimensions sites/installations/systems, for all pressures and temperatures processes, for every layout, position, height and depth, complying with all standards, regulations and rules, in large or small scale plants.

Our dedicated teams have profound knowledge of the industrial environments, from petrochemicals and refinery, over iron and steel, cement and glass, to power. Their know-how in welding techniques guarantees high levels of performance and safety.

Among other things, we offer: feasibility studies, detailed engineering, specifications and procurement of materials and components, prefabrication in our workshops through controlled and monitored execution, start-up and commissioning, maintenance contracts, planned shutdowns…
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