Use of Cofferdam for risers and jacket structures repair

Altrad Services has effectively combined its surface treatment expertise with proven access methods and solutions in the offshore Oil & Gas environment to deliver its Cofferdam concept, which comprises the repair and maintenance of risers and jacket structure elements, below and above sea level, in a confined and protected environment.

The Altrad Services Cofferdam concept for riser and structural repair and maintenance makes it possible to execute surface repair and treatment in the splash zone during Oil & Gas production:
  • The Cofferdam secures a safe and dry working environment for our operational personnel and controlled air temperature/humidity conditions to optimise the surface preparation and treatment process
  • Each Cofferdam is installed by rope access and advanced rigging techniques, i.e. no need for crane support
  • Our Cofferdams are optimised for the specific structure and surroundings and the collection of waste
  • We perform our own engineering calculations and design of auxiliary substructures and supports that are required for each project.
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